Les Scouts Tunisiens and KFUM-Spejderne i Danmark has worked close together and has had a unique partnership for the past eight years
in order to promote the understanding of each others culture.

Should you have an interest in writing about Future Leaders of the Word, please feel free to contact one of our contacts in project management who are ready to help you.

Project Manager, Denmark, Peter Lentz
E-mail: pl@kfumspejderne.dk
Tlf.nr.: +45 20780870

Project Manager, Tunisia  Maher Trabelsi
E-mail: maher@kfumscouts.com
Tlf.nr.: +45 22229429

Project assistant, Kiki Hynding Hansen
E-mail: kiki@kfumspejderne.dk
Tlf.nr.: +45 28959892



Here you can download pictures from the project that you may use to articles on flow if you remember to credit the photographer for his work


Citizenship Day
photo:Jakob Kristoffersen

Tunisian Boy
photo: Christian Bloch Hansen

photo:Christian Bloch Hansen


Here you can download some of the material that is part of Flow’s communication material carried when representatives from the flow participating in events and activities in Denmark and Tunisia.



Here you can download scout organizations logos.

  • Les Scouts Tunisiens (colors)
  • Les Scouts Tunisiens (white)
  • KFUM-Spejderne i Danmark (colors)
  • KFUM-Spejderne i Danmark (white)